Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ally Adele

That's all. Continue on with your day.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Major let down

So today I went to the caf for dinner. And I got super excited because it said that the soup was New England Clam Chowder. I was pumped. This is my favorite soup ever. And I'm not usually a soup person. But after being outside because of clinicals it sounded so good. So when I go over to the soup I see that it is actually broccoli cheese. Let's just say it was a major let down.

So if anybody wants to take me to disneyland for some clam chowder in a bread bowl, I'm pretty sure you would become my favorite person ever. I'm really in the mood for this right now.

Mmmm. Doesn't this just look delicious.

Maybe I'll try making it sometime...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh family.

Read Family Birthdays: This is how we do

The Birthday Girl

Birthday girl's family

Mary teasing Ally. Pete ignoring the camera. Big surprise there.

The cake. Mmm. Yes we devoured it.

Elly was super excited about this gift. A little too excited if you ask me. But no one did.

Dad with Ally.

The boys messing around: as always. I missed what they were doing with the camera and I don't even know exactly what they were doing but they had the lighter down a bottle. But when everyone started looking they stopped. This shot makes me laugh because it looks like dad is mad at them but he probably started laughing after they told him what they were doing.

An actual family picture with everyone in it. Have to take it now before it changes again.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Such is my life

So this weekend was so exhausting. But really what else is new? I had a track meet on Saturday and it was at Cerritos College. I had to be there at seven thirty in the morning. (Side note: It is getting easier and easier to be not only up early in the morning but actually functioning. I have been so proud of myself for not pressing snooze when I wake up in the morning. The alarm goes off at seven and I get out of bed by seven oh two. ) Back to the weekend: So I had to get up a little earlier to be to the place on time. I made it. With plenty of warm clothes because it rained. For most of the morning.

However, this was also a blessing because it meant some of the events were cancelled. Which meant going home earlier. Oh what a sweet symphony played when I was on the way back to the good ol Rside on the 91 at two in the afternoon, which meant no traffic.

Sunday was also a good day. It was actually pretty relaxing. I even got a nap in. And then as such is my life, something happens.

Now I keep my APU I.D. card in my back pocket. And as I was going to the bathroom, while it was still in my pocket, it bent and broke in two pieces. Fail.

Here is a picture of my lovely spliced card:

Now what am I supposed to do? It is my access to meals and such.
Anyway, I came out of the bathroom and showed my sister and my mom. And they were appropriately sympathetic to my plight. They asked how much to replace and I said $20. But I last year my card fell out of my pocket and I thought I lost it forever so I replaced it then but then someone found it and gave it back. (I know this is turning into a longer story then I had planned but I need to give some context.) So currently I had two cards in my possession, the other one was just deactivated but it still worked when I needed to present identification of myself. I told my dear family members that maybe I can just go and get that old one reactivated.
And as I am packing up my stuff to hit the road back to Azusa, Elly hands me twenty dollars so that I can replace it. Or if I am able to reactivated the old card to treat myself to something nice. I love my family.
Now I just need to find time in my schedule to go to the One Card Office to get a new card. Since it keeps office hours, this means it will not be open, say at seven at night when I actually have time to get errands done. This just goes on my to do list. It kind of is somewhat important though. Since I need to eat...
Oh well, such is my life.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hike it out

So Thursdays my schedule is empty. I have class in the morning and that ends at 9:30 and then I don't have anything. Because it is my day off from clinicals and I just have work but that's not till like five. Or later. Just depends on when I want to go. Well the last two Thursdays I came back to my room and I slept. And that was nice. But I felt very lazy and I got depressed a little bit because I wasn't doing anything.

Therefore today I decided to do something productive. I went on a hike. By myself. It was very mind clearing and it got me out of the mod. Also it was a lot harded than I thought it would be. I thought it would be more like Mt. Rubidoux. But it was kind of harder. It was a more narrow path and it was way more steep than I thought it would be.

Here is my adventure in pictures:

The sign

Here is the start of the trail. It goes right by the fire station.

Here's a shot of my destination. Here it is a little zoomed in.
And then way zoomed in. At times I felt like I was going through a mini jungle. Or forest. The trail was very leafy and full of green life.

This is almost at the end.

AndHere's where I almost gave up. The cross is at the top of this hill and it was a super steep hill. However there were some guys taking pictures to the right of me so I couldn't just stop. And sidenote, they were smoking and that kind of confused me because here they were being all healthy and going for a hike and they're smoking?
When I go up there again, I want to do more exploring. Like see where this leads... Pretty flowers. Here I am at the cross.

The clouds were so pretty.Sitting beneath the shade of the cross.

And me.
So you are probably wondering about my expression in this last picture. Well you see, I am expressing my annoyance with my broken head phones. Well how did it get broken you ask? Excellent question.

On Monday I was in the caf on west campus and I had just walked in so I had my ipod still on and the headphones in my ear. Well I was walking on an un-carpeted area and there is a small puddle of water. I did not see this small puddle. I step in this puddle of water and my left foot slips out from under me. I land on my right knee and the earphones fall to the ground and shatter.

A guy walking by picks up some of the pieces and lovingly pointed out that it was broken. Thank you, good sir.

I then took my bruised ego to a table and assessed the damage. Luckily I was able to put one side together and it worked. But the right head phone wasn't so lucky. So while I was hiking I only had one earphone in. I kind of felt unbalanced while I was walking.

Anyway that was my adventure. I think next Thursday I am going to find a new trail. I like to spice things up.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wolff's Law

Wolff's law: a theory that states that bone in a healthy person or animal will adapt to the loads it is placed under. If loading on a particular bone increases, the bone will remodel itself over time to become stronger to resist that sort of loading (Thank you wikipedia)

We just learned about this amazing thing in our body. Basically when there is repeated stress in a certain area the body will respond. For example, at the most distal aspect of my lower leg (my right shin) there is a hard spot from continually being kicked there when I played soccer. Shin guards are obviously not miracle workers. So because it kept getting kicked there my body responded by turning the soft tissue there into a thicker layer. Okay well technically speaking this isn't Wolff's law, its Davis' law since its soft tissue but details shmetails. That isn't the point of this blog.

The point of this ramble is that I like the idea of this theory and I think that it can be applied to everything in our lives. When we keep getting hit at by life: The trials. The oppression. The rotten times. We learn to endure. We react. We respond. We get tough and learn from those hard times.

The response of our body may not be to grow a third arm, which would actually be somewhat nice in this fast pace society. But it learns to live off little sleep. Or it might learn to not bend so easily when we hear people talking about us. And I could go on forever with adaptations our body makes so that its not like getting a blister when you wear a new pair of shoes when something hard comes our way. (Does that analogy makes sense? It made sense in my head. But I think it might get lost in translation when I write it down.)

Anyway. I think currently my body is responding to my current crush. By putting this other random person in my line of sight. Now the question becomes, do I let go of this older crush or hold on because maybe, just maybe, something will come of it?

Sorry for getting all jr high in this post. I seem to be doing that lately.

Monday, February 2, 2009

You know what they say when you avoid...

I've been avoiding things lately. Do you ever do that? You probably do. And you are probably way better at it. And have better reasons if you ever do it.

Here's what I am currently avoiding:

1. Facebook. I just can't bring myself to sign on. I can't figure out if I'm avoiding the obsessiveness I have of it or talking to some people.

2. Homework. Eh. Not such a big deal. Just don't want to learn about action potentials or whatever is next in physiology.

3. Running. I ran a few times last week and felt really good. I went rock climbing on Saturday and now I'm really sore. (Still!) So I don't really want to go run and it hurt more.

4. Going to the bathroom. I'm sitting on my bed as I write this and, well, its a bunk bed and its a long way down. But I drank a lot of fluids today. Which is kind of strange now that I think about it...

5. Adulthood. Just thinking about the associated responsibility that comes with adulthood makes stress knots form in my back.

6. Phone calls. I need to call some people to make and break some plans. Not looking forward to the breaking part.

7. Thinking. There is way too much going in my head right now.

I think taking a physiology test does this to you. Because now everything that I have been avoiding thinking about because I've been studying for the test has just come flooding back into my conscious and now I have to deal with it.

That's the down fall of avoiding things. Sooner or later you have to deal with them.