Friday, June 29, 2012

I think I would blog more if it didn't take thirty mins to turn my computer on

I seriously love blogging. I love writing my personal social commentary to share with the whole world. However, my computer is kind of five years old. And thankfully, it still works, but not well. So navigating to Blogger and uploading pictures takes an awful long time. Time that I could spend reading or playing or crafting. It also does not help I have about 18,000 pictures on here. Thank goodness my sister bought me an external hard drive last year other wise, I'm pretty sure I would worry about losing half of my memories.

If I did, I am blessed with the memory of my father, and would at least remember the weather of the event. (I miss you dad!)

Speaking of remembering things and telling stories. I am not a fan of overexaggeration. When a friend tells a story of what happened and I know the true story, and he says 20 instead of 2, I am irritated. Stick to the story. Stop blowing things way out of proportion. I'm ok if you say 6, but 20? Really?? Our lives do not need more drama. I hang out with high schoolers all day, save your dramatic stories for primetime television.

As I'm living here in Texas, I am definitely learning more about the things that irritate me and the things that make me happy. So as I continue in my last year here at Baylor University, I will be blogging more about events that either bring me great joy or great irritation.

Friday, June 1, 2012

The 'ship! We're going to the 'ship!

My softball girls won state. I am so proud of them.