Monday, December 13, 2010

Celebrity couples

Ok, so I admit that I am often intrigued by the attention given to celebrities and their personal life. Sometimes it is easy to ignore especially when you are not watching the current television shows so you don't really recognize the celebs on the front page of the tabloids (I am actually quite excited when this happens especially when I have been known to know a lot of random things about celebs. I blame my stalker memory for this though)

As it so happens, my homepage is Today, while procrastinating on finishing my research paper that is due in a few hours, I decided to browse this website and there was a headline about a celebrity couple break up that caught my eye: Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron. Because of my high school celebrity crush past, I decided to peruse this article.

There was no drama about it but there was an interesting comment made about the break up: "They were together for so long. It just ran its course."

They were together for three years.

I didn't know that was a long time. I mean, in this day and age, I guess it can be considered a long time. Especially since they were a couple of celebs.

Its just interesting that we have relegated relationships to 'running their course.'

At church this weekend, the pastor said something intriguing. He was talking about Mary and how she was 13 when she became pregnant with Jesus. He said something about how we are so shocked at this but at this age people were often promised to wed someone. And how there was less divorce in this culture because they were taught that love grows. It is not just a mushy feeling that we get when we are around a certain person.

I think that is why family is so important to have because no matter what, they have to love you. It doesn't matter how long you are around them. It can't just run its course and you drift away. I mean, there might be things that happen in any family situation; but there is still love. And you can't break up with your family.

But relationships can break up. They can run their course. Instead of working at making things better and admitting being wrong and apologizing, people give up. And they drift apart.

So the good news about this all is that Zac Efron is back on the market; so for anyone who still has the celebrity crush, there's still hope.

As for me, I think that crush has run its course.