Sunday, September 6, 2009

Are you ready for some football?

So last night was the first home game of the season. It was intense.

Report time was 1:30. One of the first things that Glory (the athletic trainer I work with) said was to be prepared for anything. There were a lot of factors that could not be controlled like the game not being on our stadium field and it being orientation weekend which increases the amount of people on campus ten fold and causes there to be a lot going on because of all the activities.

During the actual game we are on a rotation and every quarter is when we rotate. During the second quarter I was on the sideline with Glory. The first thing he told me was that if there is an injury on the field, I'm to drop the water bottles and go out there with him.

Well, a player went down. We waited to see if he would get up and when he didn't we went out there. It was so surreal. We have a doctor that comes to the games so he came out too. The doctor immediately took over and started asking the questions. The player was saying that he got a helmet into his back and there was pain in his lower back. The doctor said that he wanted the ambulance to transport him to the hospital so Glory had me run over to get them. We spine boarded him and the paramedics took him off the field. (As a side note, the player is fine. Confidentiality if preventing me from giving you a detailed injury report.)

It was so cool because everybody had to work together to take care of this athlete. It wasn't cool that the player got hurt because that just sucks. And speaking of that iIt makes me question why I want to do this because basically my part comes in when somebody gets hurt. And the only way I can get experience and know what to do when I'm in the field on my own is when there are injuries, like this, now.

Anyway, the game went on and we ended up losing but we did score a touchdown. One of our defense players intercepted the ball, juked a player, and ran about forty yards. It was awesome.

We didn't get done with everything till about 11:00. And by everything I mean treating the players, making ice bags, and cleaning the athletic training room. It was a long day.

Next weekend we have a game in Wisconsin. And I get to travel with them. I'm so stoked.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Ok. So I love sunsets. And it seems that the fires have really been making beautiful sunsets. (They have also been covering my car in ash and making it hard for me to breathe, but you take the good with the bad.) And since I always seem to have my camera here are some pictures from the past week. This would be taken the Thursday after the fires started. And the fires started on Tuesday. I took like a thousand this night.
I want to call this one blood red sun. But the sun isn't red. The sky surrounding it is red. So let's call it blood red sky with the sun in the middle.

This gets everything. The parking lot. The sun. The clouds. And the smoke from Station Fire (I had no idea that they named fires. I guess they have the same status as hurricanes?)

I just love this one. It's like a war between the dark clouds and the lighter clouds and the dark clouds are winning because they are the ones surrounding the sun the most.

I decided I wanted to do one in black and white. I feel like it sets the mood as somber.

Ok, so this isn't the sun setting. This would be the sun rising. This was taken as I was going to church on Sunday. Yes, taking pictures while I'm driving. Pretty soon that will be illegal, too.

I step outside my door and this is the sun that greets me on Monday of this week. It was very apocalyptic feeling.

Yeah, I just like this one too. This is from the same day.

This was taken from our athletic training room. Our football stadium is just beyond that fence behind the vans. See it? Just kidding. I mean, it's really there. You just can't tell from this picture.

This was from tonight. I almost missed it. But got a few that were decent. This was when I wished I could find a roof to just sit on top of and take a million pictures.