Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Blur

It is the last day of November.

When did that happen?

So much has happened, from playoffs with the football team, to starting basketball season, to a Texas thanksgiving, to getting into a car accident (whoops), it has been a long month.

And it just keeps going. This is my last week of classes and then I have finals next week and then I'll be back in California the next week. I cannot wait.

I love Texas, I am just ready for friends, family and Mission Inn lights.

I have faith that I am here for a reason, but it is often hard to maintain joy and peace and contentment when the future is so uncertain.

I love the people in my athletic training class. Well, I've finally started to get to know them and be comfortable around them and therefore love has grown. We all wonder why we're getting our Master's. I know for me, it's turning out to be a lot more work then I expected.

And now I just don't know if I want to be an athletic trainer anymore. There are so many politics and misconceptions and stereotypes that exhaust me as much as the school work does. I also do not look good in khaki, which is really just unfortunate, considering it is a given wardrobe dresscode.

So what will I be you ask? I have no idea. But I'm here for another three semesters. Maybe I'll know by then.