Sunday, March 27, 2011


I went to the beach yesterday. It was a nice break from life.

In my next life I'm owning a woody and living at the beach.

"God even cares about us making happy hour"

On Friday I got to hang out with the lovely Lyndsay Dean. We were on a mission to find bridesmaid dresses for her wedding, which I get to be a part of this summer. (We were in Crate and Barrel for this shot. They looked real enough to eat. Too bad they were plastic) Anyway, we had planned to eat cheap that night, so we were looking for a happy hour. But, alas, the places at Victoria Gardens were not accommodating. So we went to Lucilles BBQ because I had never been there. So we went to the bar area because we're both 21 and there was no waiting. And, luckily, cheap appetizers. We had no idea, just assumed we missed it. So we got some drinks and BBQ meat goodness with some biscuits and apple butter (I can't wait for the south living). So I made a joke that I love it when everything comes together and Lyndz make the quip that "God even cares about us making happy hour." I can't decide if that is blasphemy or not. But do you ever have some things just work out perfectly? And while to another person it is just the mundane details of life, like waking up on time even though you don't set your alarm. Does God really care about these small things in our lives? At church, we have been going through a series about Prayer. It has been inspiring to say the least. Today it was praying with thanksgiving. How often do we just ask without praising our God first, and maybe, only? Before, it was about praying with expectation. But be prepared for answers of "Not now" or "This way instead." Can we be perfectly satisfied when things don't go the way we ask them to? Absolutely. Because it is usually better. So we just live our lives. And sometimes things work out great. We get an extra 10% off, which brings some relief. Or we get an extension on a paper, that we are only half way done with. These mundane details of life somehow bring us joy and we can only praise God for this good fortune. But I can't help but wonder, why does He care so much? Or maybe it is just our egotistical human ways that makes us think that God even cares about happy hour.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Francis Chan. BOC. Jesus.

Today, Francis Chan talked in chapel. I'm pretty sure its safe to say most people love that guy. He is just so intense. He talks about other people who inspire him, but its crazy to think that he inspires the 4,000 people (college students, family members, faculty) that listened to him today. (At chapel there were so many people that they opened the back bleachers. And it's not like 12 people sat there. There was easily another 75. And then there is the pod cast. Who knows how many people listen to that.)

Anyway, how great would it be to just go. I like where I'm going in life, but sometimes I feel trapped. I have to finish college. I can't go too far (long term) because my family is reproducing at an exponential rate and I want to be there (they want me there, too, I hope.) And then there's my friends. I want to be there for their new boyfriends and new adventures and art shows. But sometimes, we have to just go.

I went for a walk today around my neighborhood. There's a path that leads to a man made river and it is just surrounded by mountains. It's really pretty. But I was just struck by how lucky I am. I don't have to hide my faith and yet, maybe because it is so easy, I am so apathetic about it all.

I have some friends who are really great. You can just see Jesus in everything they do. Their commitment and joy, it all comes from him. I want that. I want my joy to be in Jesus.

I'm taking a test soon. Its the BOC. Its like the NCLEX or Bar examination of Athletic Training. I want to pass on my first try. But really, its the prideful side of me (and the money worrying since it costs a few hundred every time) that really wants to pass it the first time. The worst thing that would happen is that I take it again in June.

And even if I don't pass it, I still have this peace in Jesus. What more do I need?

By society's standards, I need a lot more. But that is another post for another day.


Sometimes i like to drive recklessly and take pictures of the sunset.

At least the light was green and I'm not running any red lights.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The End All, Be All.

Oh 'ello. It's been a while. I guess.

This past weekend was Night of Champions. It is an all day event put on by APU and FCA for elementary to high school aged kids. They come play games, eat In-n-out, get a shirt, sing some worship songs and listen to a few speakers.

I got to help out with First Aid, meaning we walk around giving kids band aids or ice and have a water station set up, so no one suffers from lack of hydration.

Here is the group that walked around. It was surprisingly eventful with a dislocated shoulder, a bloody nose, a cut-up eyebrow and other bumps and bruises.

The main speaker this year was Jordy Nelson, a current wide receiver with the Green Bay Packers.

For his talk, he sat on the stage with his chaplain and they talked about his motivation and his life. There was no defining moment for his walk with Christ, he grew up in small town Kansas, was really good at football and eventually got drafted.

He kept getting asked if it feels different after winning a super bowl and he really hasn't. There is no difference except the addition of a ring to his possessions. His wife brought clarity to the situation when she told him that this is because it was not the end all, be all of his life. Those are not the exact words he said when recounting his experience but it's my take on the situation.

We were not created to specifically win championships or to find our soulmate or to own a successful business. Those things are great and they add richness to our lives but they should not be the end all, be all. God is.

Out relationship with Jesus is what should drive us to the ends of the earth or across the street. I think I forget this sometimes. In fact, I know I do. I think that I have something to prove. That is why I'm still going to get good grades my last semester of college, that is why I am pursuing graduate study, that is why I do not procrastinate. I have to prove my worth in this world.

But really, I have worth in Christ. That is where my identity lies. That is my end all, be all. All this stuff of the world is just icing on the cake.