Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Trevor Dale Comes Home

Trevor came home from the hospital.
This is him laying next to Haley.
Haley looks like a giant next to him.

Monday, July 11, 2011

camping and boating and fishing. oh my.

This past weekend I went camping with my sister's husband's father's church. (yeah, figure that one out). We went to Lake Piru near Valencia. It was fun just hanging out by the lake. In the mornings, some people would go out and fish. It was awesome because 1. you got to watch the sun rise. 2. Barely any boats were out there and 3. that was when I caught this fish:

The lake used to be stocked with trout but environmentalists made a fuss and now there aren't that many trout fish around. In previous years, almost 50 fish would be caught using the method of trolling. However, it is not common to catch bass or catfish using that method so it was changed to casting and reeling. Last year, there was five fish caught and this year there was only one: the large mouth bass you see before you.

Go big or go home.