Thursday, June 25, 2009

Monster-sitting. Not babysitting

So this week has been super busy and ridiculous. Everyday this week I have babysat from seven to three for two boys. It has been quite interesting to hang with these boys. It was a six year old and a nine year old. Now you would think that because I got there at seven they would be somewhat still asleep.

That would be a negative.

They were just always awake and active. And total boys. Today one of them cut a worm in half and put its guts on me. And the other had a magnifying glass and was trying to make a fire on various pieces of wood. It has been interesting. I have one more day left.

And then also the youngest I think has a crush on me. He keeps tring to kiss me. And always wants to hug me. And keeps telling me he loves me. Oh and today he looked down my shirt. Perfect.

Everyday after babysitting I have been meeting people or helping planning stuff for camp and then youth group. I have just been busy.

But its been fun. I like being busy. But I miss my friends. I haven't hung out with some of them in a while. Like really hung out with them. But that's what Friday night is for. Holler.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Just a random post.

So I have this tendency to write blogs, but then I actually never post them. And for some reason I think that I do post. So I was looking at my actual blog and I realized I haven't actually pressed post for a long time. So here is an update on my ever so interesting life.

Summer is here. And its been here. And I really haven't done a lot. But its okay because I knew this was going to be like this. I have gotten a lot of reading done though. And when I say a lot. I mean a lot. For example I have read all the Harry Potter books. (Okay not all of them. I couldn't find the third one and I was too excited to start reading the rest that I just skipped it.) And other books. I'm currently reading 1984. And I kind of started Sense and Sensibility. And I might also be reading this other series that's actually from my mother's library collection.

I went rock climbing today. It is really funny to watch people at the climbing gym. Because some take it really serious. And others love helping people by giving them hints even if they don't kow the person. And then there are those random people and you just want to ask them "Why are you here?" And then when I think that I realize I could just look in the mirror and ask the same question. Don't get me wrong, I like rock climbing, I'm just not that good. And when I'm not particularly good at something I usually fake it but when you are climbing a 15 foot wall you can't really fake being good at actually getting to the top. And now my hands hurt and my forearms are probably going to be sore. And I bet if there were no people around I would enjoy it more. However, when there are a lot of people around I have the tendency to just watch them (in a non creepy way, I promise) and would rather just blend into the surroundings rather than climb the surroundings. But it was fun. I like going with my actual friends.

On Sunday we had a birthday party for my nephew.

This is him diving into his cake. Is it me or does he resemble a deer caught in the headlights?