Monday, January 26, 2009

I had a great day

I really did. For some reason I woke up on the right side of the bed and everything went just right. I love days like this.

All day I would be going about my day and want to just start commentating on certain things that were happening in some creative outlet, like a blog. But I didn't have my computer all day and I don't have the internet on my phone and I could have twittered but really that does not help when you want to give details.

So after a long day of classes, clinicals and classes I am finally able to sign on to my blog and write my ramblings of this day so that you may be impressed, inspired and dazzled by my canny outlook on life.

But alas its been an exhausting day and I don't really remember everything. Or really anything.

I just remember it being a good day. And really isn't what you are feeling at the end of the day the most important thing?

I've been thinking a lot about love. And crushes. And relationships. Its cool that I have two sisters that are married and model a beautiful relationship, but often I want it for myself too. And I just wonder when it will happen for me. I'm the age when Mary met Pete and that just doesn't seem anywhere near being close to happening right now. And really this is just a sidenote of me being impatient. Because you know I have those crushes on those guys that I think are perfect for me but they just don't know it yet. And really its just heart breaking when they are clueless or get girlfriends and they don't even see what they are doing to you.

I was talking to my roommate about this and she said something that was kind of profound: "crushes are the hardest things. otherwise they wouldn't be called crushes." She heard it from someone and I just think that its so true. Crushes are really just punches in the face because rarely anything good happens from them. Unless you're lucky. Which I'm not.

But I'm really good right now. I am content. And satisfied. And I have so much joy. And athletic training is wonderful. And my friends are amazing. And boys just break your heart. The End

Monday, January 19, 2009

how i spend my days...

So Clinicals are so fun and hard and exhausting and exciting.

I wish I could make a video of what I do all day. It would be like one of those Vimeo condensed videos and show the five hours in like 30 seconds. But I can't so I'll try to explain what I do in an interesting way.

So first is prep time and athletes come in to the Athletic training room before their practice to get treatment for sprains and strains and other such injuries. They usually get a moist heat pack or ultrasound therapy so that they are warmed up for their practice.

During practice I am either on the track field or in the AT room. Today I was on the field for most of the practice. I stand on one side while Lydia, the clinical instructor that I work with, is on the other side. On my side a girl went down and I didn't see it happen but immediately some of the other athletes called me over. I have never been so nervous about making a mistake in that 10 seconds that I ran over to the athlete in my whole life. While I ran to the injured athlete I called Lydia on the radio and she responded that she was on her way.

When I got to the athlete, I saw that she had landed on her arm wrong. I was so thankful that she was sitting up and that it wasn't a spinal injury. Luckily she happened to be someone that I had a class with last semester so I immediately just started talking to her and tried to calm her down until Lydia got there. There was no blood and no deformity. When Lydia got there I finally felt like I could calm down.

Oddly enough, this is the first of many experiences like this. Its weird to think that my knowledge of expertise will only be useful for when some kind of catastrophe occurs. Whether it be a hyperextended elbow or a concussion.

Anyway, the rest of practice went with little incident. I stretched out some hamstrings, learned about hip flexor injuries, and taped some fingers.

After practice, there's post. This is when athletes come to the AT room to get post practice treatment. This usually entails some kind of stretching and cold and interferential treatment. Interferential is so cool. This machine sends little shocks to the muscle in the body part that is being treated to speed up recovery. It feels so cool. When I tore my acl, this was my favorite thing about the experience. If I had to pick a favorite thing. This obviously tells you something about the experience of tearing your acl and having surgery. There are few favorite moments.

I realize I do a lot of stretching. And yes, for those of you wondering, it gets awkward at times. But I don't let the athlete see how awkward it makes me. Because then they make comments.

And then we clean up. We spray disinfectant on the tables and vacuum and fold towels and straighten up and other such things.

The track team is a good start for this kind of thing because there are times where there is so much going on and times when there is barely anything going on. Someone who has ADD should look into the occupation of an athletic trainer.

I hope I didn't bore you too much with the details. Its just something that I could probably talk for days about.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh, that's why.

Between the hours of two and five I think I asked myself the question "Why am I doing this to myself?" at least fifty times.

I started clinical rotations and I felt like fish out of water. I was just so nervous about doing something wrong. And I don't really know everything to do with the body or all the appropriate terms when it comes to equipment so I really couldn't do much except enter stuff on the computer database. I just want to know everything right now and at the same time I am overwhelmed by everything that I will need to learn that I just want to quit so that I don't fail.

But then I think through this and realize that living in fear is not a good way to live life. So there is no way that I am quitting. And the people that I am working with are really great and patient. So I think I am where I'm supposed to be at the moment.

And its pretty awesome. For a bit of my clinical I was standing with the pole vaulters and that is such a neat event to watch. I love seeing how they have to manuever their bodies to get it in the air. And really, if this is what I want to do, that is what my days will consist of: hanging out with a bunch of athletes.

On another note. I still have another class to go to tonight. And its three hours.
Mondays are going to be long days.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

And so it begins again

When the sky is clear, the mountains look so much bigger. This picture really does not capture this mountain. I love riverside.

I'm back at APU and I'm almost cringing every time I think about it because I know that this semester is going to be so busy. And I also know that I am going to love so much of what I get to do this semester. I just need to make sure I don't say yes to anything else.

This is my niece Ally Adele. She has a freakishly big toe.

Its cool to have another baby in the family.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hello World

Yes. It has been a while. And there's a reason.

This Christmas break has been amazing. Therefore, I felt the need to not really update this blog because I really could not do justice to everything that happened.

I'm excited for the new year though. Here's why:

1. Mary finally had her baby. Now I have a niece and nephew and I can't wait to spoil them. There were no complications with Ally (the name of her baby) and Mary is doing well. She was born at 7:17 on 1/7/09 and weighed 7 pounds, 4 ounces. That's a lot of sevens.

2. I got into the Athletic training program at APU. I just got an email about the teams that I am going to be doing my clinical hours with and first it will be Track and Field and then I'm going to work with Baseball. Which are the teams that I really wanted to work with this semester.

3. My life is going to be so busy this semester. But I love being busy because it means that I'm not just sitting around. This Christmas break, I lounged around a lot and it has been lovely. But I like having a reason to get up early and stay up late.

4. I'm going to have adventures this year. And so far I have had no problem fulfilling this goal of mine. This includes going to the snow, flat tires, visiting the Watchers (which I don't recommend: its the creepiest thing in the world), going to the beach, and so on.

5. I have amazing friends. Really.