Monday, January 18, 2010

Adult time

I sometimes get into the mindset that I am getting to the age of being an experienced adult. I mean, I am not living at home everyday, under the supervision of my loving, thoughtful parents, I have to keep making tough decisions, such as what I'm going to eat for dinner and if I should go to this party or not, and I'm in college where you really just have so many experiences, right?

But then I was talking to someone the other day and she made me feel really young. Let's see if I can recall her exact words: "Oh you're 20? You're just a baaaby."


And really I know that I'm not the experienced adult that I imagine myself to be. I don't have everything together. What is an adult anyway? Someone with two kids? Married? Career? Living alone? Watches the news instead of The Office? How can I reach that stage but not regret anything I do?

The other day, one of the most random memories from elementary school popped into my head. This one time, my friend asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. And I know this sounds weird, but I said I wanted to be a secretary. This was because I liked organizing things and helping people out with the things they needed to get done. So my friend looked at me and said "You have too much potential to be that." Mind you this was sixth grade, but I took that as a great compliment from my friend. (Also you knew that we were GATE students if we were able to use potential and know what it means. Yeah, I was a precocious child.)

I don't really want to settle in life. I want to experience so much. So now I'm just going to take what that other girl said as a compliment, too. I am just a baby but that means that I have a lot of time to do whatever I want.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


It is the new semester. Beginnings make me excited. And there is just much to be excited about for this semester.

1. Athletic Training: Last semester was a huge growing semester in that I learned a lot about athletic training stuff, like performing evaluations and becoming better acquainted with appropriate anatomical reference points. So this semester is when I actually feel like I know more about what I am doing. There are also new people in the program so I'm no longer one of the younger people in the program. It's weird being the person to teach these new students how to tape and how to turn on the different modalities.

2. Baseball: Yeah, so the days are already super long since I'm there from one to about five and this is just on practice days. Most of the guys are nice. There are some that I'm already wary about. And you just gotta love dug out talk when they think you can't hear them (meaning that it can be quite inappropriate at times). But now I'll know more about the sport of baseball in general and learn the proper biomechanics and what not.

3. Knee rehab: Ok, so I'm not excited about this at all and I'm already slacking and being resentful of that day in April three and half years ago when I first tore this sucker. I can't wait to run and play soccer again (and throw a football). I'm pretty sure I will not take that for granted. At least for the first few months anyway.

4. Summer: So it is only January, but I'm already looking forward to what this summer may bring. I applied for this summer internship position with CSM. In Chicago. But I don't find out about it till March 15 when they make their summer staff decisions. It is going to be a long two months. And of course I'm freaking out about if I will get it or not. We'll just have to wait and be patient with this.

5. My classes: So all of my classes are for my major. Except art but I love creating stuff like that so it doesn't even feel like a class to me (except my teacher is craazy). Since all my classes are actually things that interest me, it is kind of a bit easier to pay attention, even when one of the classes is three hours long, twice a week, in the morning.

6. Friends: I actually feel like I have friends here at school. And that they actually like me for all my nuances and quirks.

So I just hope that I can maintain the excitement of these beginnings when they are no longer correctly termed beginnings.