Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring is here.

I went home this last friday and when I drove into my driveway there were a million of these flowers just in bloom. So of course I grabbed my camera and went on an adventure in my yard.

With all the flowers there were also a lot of bees. I have insane good luck of not getting stung but I was still anxious about the luck turning badly. But good for them doing their job and making the flowers all pretty.

And then I found this yellow flower. Not really a sunflower, but almost as big. I wanted to try and dry it and press it, but I didn't. I'm trying to come with a reason why I didn't but I can't really think of a good reason, cause really, I don't have one.
Rainbows and my white feet. Hopefully, summer will change that. Well, that's unlikely since I'll be in Chicago for the most part and as per my job, I'll probably be in closed toed shoes the whole time. But we'll see.

Anyway, I reached the gully (which is basically just a small jungle in our front yard.) And I started to feel really nostalgic about it all. I would spend hours here. We made swings from rope that we got from out dad's garage, and we would search the wood pile for the perfect seat of a swing. They were probably some of the most uncomfortable swings ever, but that didn't really matter when you're nine.
There was also this slide that is now just covered with shrubs and and branches from the pepper tree and many a dead leaf and what not.
It was weird going down there again. I don't think I have spent much time down there since middle school. But it was nice. It was a beautiful spring day and it brought back so many memories of being a weird loner kid. I remember sometimes doing my homework there. And oftentimes I would be on the swings and would make up songs. And sing them loudly.

I miss those days sometimes. Or that I took more advantage of that frivolity. We're too much in a hurry to grow up.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sticks and stones.

So on my desktop I get these quotes that pop up every thirty or sixty seconds. I love them. Sometimes they are quotes from "Management Manual" and say something like "Never do anything stupid on purpose." And other times there are quotes from Einstein or Voltaire or Oscar Wilde. It can be pretty random.

One time there was a quote from My So-Called Life (Yes, random) and it said something like "sometimes someone says something that fits right into the whole in your heart." I feel like this is a cheesier version of what it said. But I completely agree with this. My friend Rel always seems to text me when I need it the most. And its always something simple, like I'm praying for you Jane. Or I love you Janeyy. This is her. She's one of the most ridiculous human being I know, but I wouldn't want her any other way.

And really I wasn't even having a bad day. I was just annoyed. Here's why:
I spend most of my days with these three people. Mike, Ash and Brad. They are the other Athletic Trainers in my class. There are only four of us in our AT classes but we also have other classes together with the AES (applied exercise science) majors. And I work baseball with Brad. And Ash is basically who I spend all my free nights with because we are basically the same. So I see these kids A LOT. And I love them. They are my brothers and sister and they make me laugh. But sometimes I just want to punch them in the face.
Anyway, I was just annoyed with them and I get this text from Rel. And it just calmed my heart. Like it didn't matter that these guys didn't get it. Someone out there was thinking of me. And that's all I needed to make my life better at that moment.
So during my break between classes I randomly called my mom at her work. (She's a librarian at an elementary). But she had a class in the Library and couldn't talk long. So I just said, I love you. And she told me that that is exactly what she needed to hear at that moment. How crazy is it that we have this power with our words to say the right thing to people?
But then with a single word we can also completely tear someone down. And probably not even realize it. Like the sarcastic jokes that we make with our good friends. Sometimes we can take it too far but they aren't going to tell us and eventually they will get over it.
Or then what about lack of words. The silent treatment. That can actually say a lot too and completely mess with a person. For example, the Athletic Trainer that I work with was giving me and this other girl, Lyndsay, the silent treatment during practice one time. We were freaking out and trying to think of what we even did wrong, like what we said. And it made for such an awkward tear down and post treatment of the athletes that we finally asked him at the end what we did. And really, he was just playing a joke on us. You could say we were pretty pissed and hurt that he thought it would be funny to do this. It was also super un-professional. But that lack of words made us completely ill at ease and we were unable to focus or do anything really during that 'silent treatment.'
And how do you tell someone who you aren't talking to what exactly is wrong? You want them to just realize what they need to do without having to say anything to them. Wouldn't that be fantastic? But then it defeats the purpose of communication in general. We can't take away the bad things of talking without affecting the good things that talking accomplishes.

It reminds me of the childhood saying "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me." That is false.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This summer I am going to Chicago. I applied for a job with CSM way back over Thanksgiving. And I finally heard from them that I got the job. It has been torture these past few weeks because I just wanted to know what I would be doing this summer. Would I have a job or would I still be in Riverside?

But now I know.

I get to see this city landscape, which my physical therapist says is one of the best city views.

Maybe I'll be able to catch a baseball game here.

And I'll get to see this bean, which I really have no idea what it is for. But its very artsy?

Anyway, I'm just so excited. I should get a Chicago sweatshirt. And just start learning more about it.

Training starts May 24th. Time to start looking at plane tickets.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Birthday NIKOL!

This is my friend Nikol. We've been friends since third grade. Through elementary, middle and high school, we have somehow stayed friends. Now she's off at Cal Poly SLO where she is becoming even more fantastic. Today is her birthday. And since I know she reads this I wanted to say happy birthday. Happy Birthday Beautiful! I love her, oh, so much.

This picture is from going to a pirate show in Buena Park (like Medieval Times but pirate themes) a few years ago. Oh high school...