Sunday, July 22, 2012

Goal globalization

One of the key things in goal setting is to tell people what you are planning on doing. I've decided to run a half marathon. I have often thought about it before but never truly set up plans to make it happen.

Some classmates made it known they were planning on running a half in December. I thought, if they could, so then could I. Subsequently, I told my roommate my plans. Then I told the classmates my plan. And then I texted my sister because let's face it my sisters are my biggest influence. And she said she would train with me, 1400 miles away.

Really that just got me more excited and more determined. So then I talked to my Texas family about it. And then they told another individual my age who is now planning on running it with me when he moves here in August. Then I posted a link on Facebook to both my sisters pages to tell them to pick a half in Cali in nov/dec.

Now I'm telling all of you my plans to run in Shiner, Texas on December 16, 2012. Basically, my goal has been glabalized and I cannot back down.

Now that I have all the time in the world, it is so easy to work out and consume more protein and less processed food. But I worry that as soon as football two a days start, training will slow down or cease and fast food will become easier to pick up on the way home.

After two weeks of committed training I already feel better and I'm still excited to run and workout but I worry I will soon dread long run days.

But worrying will get you nowhere: do not worry about tomorrow for we know not what tomorrow brings.

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