Thursday, February 18, 2010

Life is hard

Sometimes it really annoys me when people complain about their busy days of thirteen hours. I want to tell them welcome to my life; now just add a few more hours. But I realize that life is hard for everyone. Who am I to say that my life is way busier and more stressful than so and so's life?

And yeah its hard at times, but its still fun. All the craziness of going from 6:30 in the morning to whatever time I make it back to my apartment at night just makes my life what it is. I love the activity and business. I crave that in my life but at the same time I am so content in staying in on Friday and Saturday night.

I love the people I see everyday, who go through the same things I go through. I love the people I randomly see when I take a different route to my class. Or when I'm running late (which really doesn't happen because I hate being late) and someone helps me out. I love that the most.

I love the random awesome things that can occur during the day. The unexpected four leaf clover. Running in to the guy that you are crushing on and having a good talk. Getting out of a class early.

So yeah, we complain about our lives and going to this appointment and then going to class and then going to clinical or going to a recital or going to a seminar, but really if we complain about it, then aren't we obligated to fix it? If you hurt your back, you're not just going to complain about it till it goes away. You're going to take some meds, stretch it out, heat it up, take a nap, fix your posture, etc. That should really be the same for our lives. If we complain about a class or the business then maybe we should change something. Change our attitudes. Change who we sit by. Change our daily routine. Find time for walks in the morning.

But life is hard. For everyone. Just not always in the same way.

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nikol said...

i'm in love with this post.

thanks for being so smart, jane!